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What is Wall-Mounted Toilet?

The most common type of toilet is hands down a traditional floor-mounted toilet that almost every person has in their household. The not so common type of toilet would be the wall-mounted toilets that may take more work, time, and cost to own one.


Many people prefer the wall hung toilets aesthetic as it gives a more modern look in the bathroom, but there are many more reasons why you should consider a wall-mounted toilet instead of a traditional floor-mounted toilet. Not only this type of toilet can improve your overall bathroom aesthetic, but they also come with many pros that can make your bathroom experience much preferable.


With the toilet and the tank being installed directly to the wall, you end up with extra space underneath and the back the toilet as the tank is located inside of the wall which makes them much easier to clean. Wall-mounted toilets are also much more accessible as their installation process are much more flexible. With floor-mounted toilets, there are certain heights that they offer since the toilet must be mounted on the floor which make it difficult to adjust the height. With wall-mounted toilet, you can customize the height upon installation which make them more desirable for those who prefer a specific height while they’re seated. They also have a much more flexibility to move around as it does not require to be installed to toilet drain on the floor.


Considering all the benefits of the wall-mounted toilets, they seem to be a great option and you might be wondering why most people still stick with the traditional floor-mounted toilets. With wall-mounted toilet, it also comes with additional costs and planning in order to install one in your bathroom.


Wall-mounted toilet is a great idea if you are renovating your bathroom or building a house as you can be more flexible on the toilet location in your bathroom. If you are planning to add a wall-mounted toilet into your already finished bathroom, you would have to remove drywall which makes it more difficult and complicated to install. As the tank is installed inside of the wall, it is also more difficult to repair if needed. The installation cost is for the wall-mounted toilet is also higher as they are considered as a specialty item which also makes the toilet itself much more expensive than the traditional floor-mounted toilets.