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Smart Bidet Toilet TCB-090SA

VOVO STYLEMENT Auto open and close, auto flush,UV LED Sterilization, Smart Toilet Bidet, Heated Seat, Warm Dry and Water, One-piece Bidet Toilet, Made in Korea, White

Warranty : Bidet part - 1year, toilet bowl - 3years

Free shipping to US (Except Hawaii and Alaska)

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Smart Bidet Toilet TCB-090SA

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cUPC™ is Uniform Plumbing Code that can applied for both US and Canada to provide safe
and sanitary plumbing systems.

cETL listed product follows both US and Canada electrical safety regulations and laws.

Only products with cUPC and cETL certifications can be installed in governmental
facilities as these certifications are one of the most stringent standards for plumbing
safety, not only including water usage to back-siphonage issue.

Auto Open / Close Lid

The sensor detects the user’s movement. It automatically
opens the lid when approached and closes it when the
user walks away.


The built-in UV LED automatically cleanses the bowl.
UV-A radiation is known as a disinfectant and brings
no harm to the human body.

Auto Flushing

Water-saving automatic flushing system differentiates
a full flush from a partial flush by detecting the time the
user has been seated (1.12 GPF / For 35 PSI).

Warm Dry & Water

Water heating system warms up the water and
built-in air dryer provides 3 different adjustable

Heated seat

Heated seat with a 24h power saving mode and 3 adjustable
temperature settings that can be turned on and off via the wireless remote.

Auto Deodorization

Provides automatic deodorization to remove unpleasant odors.

3 In 1
Full Stainless
Steel Nozzle

Semi-permanent full stainless nozzle performing
3 functions with 5 different levels of water pressure.


Save water, Save trees

Power Save

Check the power save mode through LED.

Tankless System

Connects the pipe to a direct water supply for clean operation.

Wide & Comfort

Designed ergonomically with a 4-inch wide seat, providing
the utmost comfort for the user.

Blackout Manual Flushing

In the case of a power outage, you will still be able to flush the toilet
with our manual flushing button on the side.

Strainer Filter

A semi- permanent strainer filter designed to trap and remove debris
particles in the water, providing clean water and prevent clogging
while maintaining constant water pressure.

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