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How to use bidet? Part 6 : Manual Bidet(Non-electric bidet)

Are you one of those people who are looking to convert into a bidet life but hiring an electrician or getting an extension cord just to install an electric bidet just seems too much to start off with? If you do not mind missing out some of the amazing functions that only electric bidets offer, manual bidet might just be the right fit for you.


With simple functions and affordable price range, manual bidet can be a popular choice for people who just want to try out the bidet function before committing to an electric bidet seat attachment or an integrated bidet toilet. There are many different types of manual bidets, starting from a hand-held bidet sprayer, bidet attachment, and bidet seat attachment.


With hand-held bidet sprayer, you would have to connect the sprayer to your water supply and reach to it to use the bidet. Generally, there are not many functions that can be offered with a hand-held bidet sprayer as its only purpose is to spay out the water from your water supply as a bidet function. This type of bidet is one of the most simple and affordable type of bidet which can be great for first time user. You can also control the water pressure by pressing more pressure on the sprayer head.


Moving on to bidet attachment, this bidet option can also be affordable as it is an attachment that will be installed underneath your toilet seat and can perform as a manual bidet seat without you having to replace the whole toilet seat. This can also be a great option as well for someone that is looking to purchase a bidet seat and want to get use to feel of the bidet from a nozzle rather than an extended sprayer. With this type of bidet, you may also adjust the water pressure by pressing or twisting the knob depending on the type of handle.


Now that you decided to finally get rid of your old toilet seat, then you might want to look into a manual bidet seat that offers bidet functions without having to connect into an outlet. Manual bidet seat and manual bidet attachment functions are very similar, except manual bidet seats may offer more bidet functions compare to bidet attachment. Aside from the water pressure adjustment, manual bidet seat usually also offers a self-cleaning nozzle, multiple spray type patterns, pulsating mode, dual nozzles, and some may offer warm water as well if you connect the unit to the hot water supply.


As of now, VOVO is not currently offer manual bidets for our customer yet but keep an eye on it, something exciting is coming soon! 👀