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How to use bidet? Part 6: Ceramic Bidet

Bidets are more common worldwide, but they are still relatively a new concept in the U.S. Most people may have heard of standalone bidets which are the oldest and most used in European countries. This type of bidet typically locates right next to your toilet where you can easily move from the toilet to the bidet in order to clean up after.


Many people who had never experienced using a bidet before may not know the correct way to use it as it looks like a shorter sink in a bowl shape. To use the standalone bidet, the first step after using the toilet is to sit on the bidet. You may choose to sit toward the bidet or facing away from the bidet depending on individual preference. You may need to move around to adjust your position to make sure that the water reaches the area that to want to clean.


Once you are seated on the bidet, you may start adjusting the water temperature and the water pressure that you prefer. Depending on the bidet, you may have to keep holding the controller to keep the water running. After using, some bidets will offer a water jet function where it cleans the bowl after you use but some just work like a regular sink since bidets do not have a flush tank like toilets.


Many people assume that using a bidet means you can eliminate all the toilet use completely. That could be the case, but to maximize the hygiene and reduce the dry time. It is recommended that you use a little bit of toilet paper to dry off the wet area. Another alternative from toilet paper would be a towel, which would be the same as drying your body after a shower.