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Toilet Paper Price is Increasing

You may think that after 2020, toilet paper shortage madness would be over, and we can now purchase toilet papers with out having to line up at the grocery store at 5AM. You might need to think twice. Ever since the pandemic started, our toilet paper game may not be the same at least for a while.


According to CNN Business, Prices for market pulp have jumped from $606 per metric ton in September to more than $907 per metric ton in April, said Brian McClay. A combination of factors has driven prices higher, including a post-Covid recovery in China, the biggest buyer of pulp in the world, and global shipping delays, he said.1


The increase of the raw material price needed to produce toilet paper will eventually affect market price. Which is also one of the main reasons why many of our customers decided to convert from traditional toilet to our VOVO STYLEMENT bidet toilet! Not only our bidet toilets can save you money long-term, but it is also proven much more hygienic than using only toilet paper to clean up after you go number 1 or number 2.



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