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Is Integrated Bidet Toilet Easy to Install?

Installing a toilet can be intimidating especially when you do not have plumbing experience. At VOVO, we care about our customers’ experience with our products. Therefore, we have developed easy installation products that our customers can follow through even with little to no experience at all.


All our products also come with a full installation kit; you are not required to purchase any additional part for the installation. The installation kit for our bidet toilet includes a wax ring, conversion nut, water hose, AA batteries, screws, anchors, strainer, water shutoff valve, water pipe, ring plate, and a wall mount for the remote control. The installation accessories are varied, depending on the product specification of the bidet toilet you had purchased.


Once you prepare all the installation accessories that we have provided, we can move on to the installation guide. To install our bidet toilet, first, you need to close the water gauge and make sure you remove dust and sand in the water inlet when installing the shutoff valve. Wind Teflon tape around the water pipe, then connect the pipe with the shutoff valve and connect the strainer. Next, attach the provided water hose to your water shutoff valve. With this process, you may need to use the provided conversion nut to fit your water shutoff valve. In this case, simply screw the conversion nut into the ½” side of the hose before connecting it to your water shutoff valve. Once the water hose us connected the to shutoff valve, connect the other side of the hose to the bidet upper part. Make sure to fix the hose to the flushing adapter first, then turn the nut clockwise to connect the hose.


To install the ceramic bowl, first, mount the flange to the floor and press the wax ring firmly onto the bottom part of the ceramic bowl and place mount the ceramic into the floor. Make sure the flange and the wax ring are aligned. Please make sure to apply the weight evenly and do not move the ceramic bowl after the placement as the watertight seal may break.


Once the ceramic bowl is installed, you may assemble the ceramic bowl with the bidet top by connecting the jet spray outlet and bowl washing unit. Insert the hose into the filter, then insert the bidet fixing hooks onto the toilet fixing hooks until it clicks. Once everything is done, turn on the shutoff valve and you may connect the power to the bidet toilet by simply plugging the power cord into a near by outlet.