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Do toilet stools work?

You may have heard of toilet stools as well as its own incredible benefit from just having a tiny stool under your feet while going for number two. It is proven that using a toilet stool can help reduce your time spent in the bathroom.


As human body are meant to be squatting while going number two, many countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia has been using squatting toilet not only because they are cost effective die to less material use in order to produce, but they are technically healthier than sitting toilets because it enforces a natural body position while using the toilet.


Even though squatting toilets are proven to be healthier, but they are sure not more comfortable or safer than sitting toilet. There are many factors why ones should avoid squatting toilets even though it may improve bowels movement. With squatting toilets, you would be required to squat for the period which can be short or long depending on a person.


Many people are not able to hold a squat position for long and this could be a major discomfort especially in the United State where people are not familiar with squatting toilets. It can also be a potential hazard as the ceramic bowl is the main material use which you will be stepping on while using the toilet. It can very slippery and cause injury when stopping on and off the toilet especially for elderly. This type of toilet is not accessible for elderly and people with disabilities, not to mention that it will not look amazing in your bathroom.


With all the cons being said, toilet stools would be a far better product to improve your natural position while going number two without having to convert yourself into a squatting toilet. But if you still don’t want to have a stool in your bathroom, our VOVO STYLEMENT Bidet Toilet Seat and Bidet Toilet may just be a perfect item for you! With our turbo wash technology, you do not need to worry about constipation, and you can keep your bathroom sleek like a luxury hotel bathroom.