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Top 3 Best Bidet Toilets 2022

Bidets became a big hit in the United States in 2020 when the pandemic started. Ever since that, Americans have been introduced to the concept of bidet and are more aware of the use of it. At VOVO, we only offer the best of the best products and functionality that our customers want including the functions they never though they needed. Based on many incredible comments and feedbacks from our customer, here are our Top 3 Best Bidet Toilets 2022.



Introducing our newest bidet toilet piece in the North America market, our TCB-8100B has started strong by receiving much positive feedbacks from our customer after less than 3 months of the launch date! This bidet toilet comes in 2 different color which is black (TCB-8100B) and white (TCB-8100W). With such an aesthetically pleasing design, it also saves more space as it is an elongated bidet toilet in a round shape which is perfect for a more compact bathroom.



Moving up to our TCB-090S bidet toilet is one of the most popular model we have as it is a best-selling bidet toilet product at The Home Depot and Lowes. With a wider square seat shape that gives you a more comfortable feel when seated. It also comes with many functions that our customers love such as a heated seat, water heating function, warm air dryer, self-cleaning nozzle. Let alone other amazing functions that our customer did not know they needed such as the automatic flush and the UV-LED Sterilization function.




And finally, our best-selling bidet toilet at VOVO, our TCB-090SA bidet toilet is the one and only bidet toilet that you will ever need.  Functionality and design wise, TCB-090SA bidet toilet is almost identical to the TCB-090S except the TCB-090SA model also comes with the automatic open/close lid function that will automatically open and close the toilet seat and lid for you when you’re done with your business. This is a go big or go home bidet toilet as it offers the most functions out of all. If you want to invest on a luxury smart bidet toilet, why not go all the way and get the VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090SA Bidet Toilet!