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Are Bidet Good for Hemorrhoids?

Let’s get straight to the point. The short Answer is, absolutely! Bidets are excellent for hemorrhoid treatment. Here’s why.

There are many different circumstances that may trigger hemorrhoids such as sitting for long period of times, having chronic constipation or diarrhea, being obese or pregnant, consuming low fiber diet, or even regular heavy lifting. Hemorrhoids are found as swollen veins in your lower rectum which causes both external and internal discomforts including irritation, pain, swelling, and bleeding.1

There are ways that you may begin to follow in order to prevent hemorrhoids such as consuming more high-fiber diets, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, avoid sitting a long period of time, and avoid straining.

If you find yourself having hemorrhoid symptoms, we advise you have a visit with your doctor to make sure that you do not have any other concerning symptoms that may lead to other type of diseases. Hemorrhoids are often treatable and do not usually cause serious health issues other than some minor pain and discomforts.

So how exactly do bidets help relief hemorrhoid symptoms? Hemorrhoids usually shrink away on its own if treated correctly. To treat hemorrhoid, it is important to avoid irritation around the skin. Using warm gentle water to rinse off your butt rather than rubbing your already irritated skin with toilet paper can make a big different in recovery and long-term symptom maintenance. The water from bidets will gently sooth your skin follows by warm air dryer to dry you off without having to make any skin contact with harsh toilet papers. Not to mention, our bidets have a Turbo Wash function that helps relief constipation which is one of the main symptoms that causes hemorrhoids. Check out our collections and get yourself a bidet that will improve your health and lifestyle forever!


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