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Save The Turtles – Amazon Smile

Many of us may have seen horrific images of sea turtles being affected by our actions and lifestyles. But sea turtles are not the only species that are struggling due to our actions, many wild lives are also suffer because their home is being destroy for our conveniences.

Many people started to pay more attention on this issue as our community have started taking serious actions to help slow down the damages that we are causing. The most common lifestyle changes that we see is to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. Whether to use plastic bags multiple times before discard, switching from one time use items to reusable items, using more recycled products, or choosing healthier alternative products such as paper straw, apple seed straw.

Another great way to contribute into helping the environment if you are an Amazon customer, you may choose to shop from AmazonSmile which allows customer to to donate 0.5% of their orders to the charity of their choice including “Save The Turtles Inc”, “Save the Sea Turtles International”, “Dolphins Whale & Sea Turtle – Save and Protect”, “National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation Inc” and many more. Amazon customer may choose over one million charities to donate to when purchasing product on AmazonSmile. This way, we can support charities and allow them to have more flexibility with their funding and still maintain social distancing for the time being.

All VOVO products are eligible for AmazonSmile donations, you may purchase our products and donate 0.5% of the product price to your selected charity to contribute into saving the environment with no extra cost at all for the customers. This type of small contribution is such a powerful way for us to be able to effectively help our communities for the better. Amazon has raised over $215 million in donation to charities due to a large volume of consumer that are willing to contribute in good causes. Check out our VOVO Products on AmazonSmile and help making changes today.