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Purificateur d'air avec combo en bois de cyprès pour grande surface – 1 purificateur d'air blanc, 1 filtre HEPA, 1 diffuseur

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Veuillez utiliser le code AIR20 lors de votre paiement pour obtenir 20 % de réduction.

Livraison gratuite vers les États-Unis et le Canada (sauf Hawaï et l'Alaska)

Purificateur d'air avec combo en bois de cyprès pour grande surface – 1 purificateur d'air blanc, 1 filtre HEPA, 1 diffuseur

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imunsen air purifier

Eco-Friendly home appliance company

VOVO Corporation is a South Korea

manufacturer specializing in smart

bidet toilets with 20 years of history.

We are dedicated to improve the

quality of life for future generations

by developing eco-friendly products.

To achieve this goal, we have devel

-oped" ECO-friendly Bathroomware,

VOVO STYLEMENT" in an attempt to

bring hope to the modern life. We st

-rive to be the top global company

with our technological advancement

with our technological advancement

of Stylement bathroom ware.

imunsen air purifier
imunsen air purifier
imunsen air purifier


Won Germany's iF Design Award, one of the world's top 3 design awards

Small Air Purifier of the Year 2020 at iF Design in Germany, one of the world's top three design awards.

imunsen air purifier


Eliminates 99.97% of find dust in the air

Even the invisible
find dust

4-side inhaling system of IMUNSEN Air purifier

Inhales bad air from 4 sides of front, left, right, and bottom,
and sends back the cleaned air


Filtration System

With the special 4 stage filtration system of IMUNSEN,
enjoy the clean air without fine dust as well as the antibacterial effect.

1. Pre-filter

Removes larger particles such as hair, pollen, pet fur and dander.

3. Deodorizing filter

Eliminates VOCs caused by daily movement, harmful gases, and pet odor.

2. Antibacterial H13 True HEPA Filter

True HEPA 12 Filter removes 99.97% of
thr fine dust and is also antibacterial

4. Natural Cypress Wood Filter

Natural antibacterial, antifungal, deodorization and insect repellent effect with aromatherapy to reduce stress.

imunsen air purifier

Air Cleaning
with Dual motor fans

Strong and fast air cleaning with full-power wind speed of dual motor fans

imunsen air purifier

Air Quality Indicator

PM 2.5 quality sensor will show the number by analyzing
the quality of the air in LED indicator.

imunsen air purifier

Smart light detecting sensor

The light sensor detects the brightless and changes into auto sleep mode utilizing the
quietest setting and automatically dims the LED light for your sleeping environment.

imunsen air purifier

Smart features & Easy to use

Various function are available and you can easily select the desired mode.

imunsen air purifier

Auto Mode

Our air quality sensor detects the quality of the air and
automatically adjusts the fan spped accordingly.

imunsen air purifier

IMUNSEN Air Purifier

Test Reports

Best Quality Assured

Only use official IMUNSEN filters to maintain the
best product performance

Free After-sales Service

Problems and issues caused by the use of unofficial
replacement filters will not be provided a free
maintenance service.

Safety Assured

Only official IMUNSEN products are certified for safe use,
manufactured and controlled under strict monitoring.

imunsen air purifier
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