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Things You Should NEVER Flush Down the Toilet

Let’s be real, anything that are not toilet paper and body waste should NOT be flushed down the toilet. But what are the objects that you really should not flush down the drain or they will cause your plumber a visit to your bathroom.


  1. Feminine Product

This should be a very clear one as almost every public restroom has a sign up on the stall to never flush any type of feminine product down the toilet for an obvious reason, it will clog! As feminine products can be expanded several times larger than its original size as they are designed to absorb water.


  1. Diapers

If it was not clear enough, diapers are also a no no! Same as feminine product, they absorb water and expends which will most definitely clog your drain as bath diapers and feminine product don’t breakdown.


  1. Cat litter

We know it is cute to see cat go potty on a toilet and many people decided to train their kitties to do so. Many people put cat litter under the toilet seat to train their cats and to get them use to do their business on a toilet. Just remember to NEVER to pour the litter down the toilet after! Litter will continue to absorb water, expend, and clog the drain.


  1. “Flushable” Wipes

A lot of people may be confused on why we should not flush flushable wipes down the toilet when the same of the product include the word “flushable” in it. The truth is, even with flushable wipes, the material of these products is often made of synthetic material such as plastic or polyester that will not break down and will eventually clog your drain.


  1. Cotton products
Anything from cotton pads, Q-tips, cotton ball, or any other cotton products should never be flush down the toilet for the same reason that you should not flush down flushable wipes or feminine products, they do not break down!