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Tankless Toilet Benefits

All of us are familiar with toilet with a tank and most likely have at least one of those installed in our bathrooms. If you’re looking to purchase a bidet toilet on our websites and notice that none of our toilets have a visible tank appear on the images nor the descriptions. That’s because all our bidet toilets are tankless with many more superior benefits compared to traditional toilets with tanks.


With tankless bidet toilet, the first thing people notice when entering the bathroom is a nothing but sleeker design as it eliminated the older traditional tank, and it can save more space in terms of having the water supply hook directly to the toilet. With this reason, tankless toilets can also give you more flexibility in your bathroom design and placement as you do not need to consider leaving extra space for the tank when installing a tankless toilet.


Tankless toilets are water efficient as it does not store water in the tank and only release water out from the water supply when in use. It also gives a much better water pressure when flushing the toilet and the water is refilled instantly as the water comes directly from the water supply meaning, the toilet can be flush repeatedly without having to wait for the tank to fill up.


With our Tankless Smart Bidet Toilets, not only you can enjoy all the benefits that comes with a tankless toilet, but our bidet toilet will also maximize your water efficiency by detecting how long you are seated on the seat to evaluate a small flush or a large flush. Our bidet toilets also offer an automatic flush which will flush automatically as you leave the toilet, providing a maximum hygiene in your bathroom not including many other amazing bidet functions that comes with the toilet.