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Bidet Facts by VOVO

If you are thinking about getting a bidet toilet still uncertain about all the unfamiliarity on the concept of the bidet itself, look no further! Here are the most popular questions that we have received and we’re here to answer all of them for you!


#1 Do I need to wipe after using a bidet?

Many people may think that a bidet dryer equal to no toilet paper. However, bidet dryer works as a function to reduce your toilet paper use rather than eliminating them completely. This is to protect your sensitive skin from any irritation that may occur due to strong wind and high temperatures.


#2 Does it requires electricity?

Yes! Our Bidet Toilets and Bidet Seat come with 4ft length cord, you simply need an outlet nearby or you may use extension cord if needed. However, if you are not ready to commit to an electrical bidet. Then make sure to keep an eye out for your upcoming manual bidet attachment launch!



#3 Weight limit for seat

The weight limit for the seat is 375lbs and we do not recommend sitting on the toilet lid.



#4 Does it requires plumber for installation?

Some people may need to hire a plumber to install a bidet, but it is totally possible for you to install it by yourself! As our products are designed to make it easy and less stressful for you to install the bidet. You may check out our Bidet Toilet Installation Guide and Bidet Seat Installation Guide videos for your reference.



#5 Can I flush the toilet when its black out?

Absolutely! You may use the manual flush button on the side of the unit. The manual buttons can also operate bidet functions in case of a power outage. 


#6 What does UV LED do?

Our UV LED Sterilizes the toilet bowl and keeping your bidet toilet always sanitize. This function also works as a nightlight, you may leave this function on for as long as you prefer as it is safe for human skin.