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Benefits of Using a Bidet

The concept of using a bidet has been recently introduced in the United States. However, bidets have been widely using throughout the world as they offer a much better hygiene while being much more environmentally friendly. Due to the toilet paper shortage in the United States back in 2020, more Americans started to look for alternative ways replace toilet papers and bidet is the perfect solution for it.


Using water to rinse off after you went number 1 or 2 ensure that your private part is being cleaned thoroughly. Using rough toilet papers to rub against your sensitive skin, not only it can easily irritate your skin, it will also not clean your body thoroughly which can leads to many health issues such as UTI, infection, and discomfort.


Aside from the hygiene factor, owning a bidet can be considered as a long-term investment as you will significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper use in your daily basis. An average American spend about $183 each year which is approximately $11,198 on toilet paper over the course of their life while you could avoid all that costs by converting yourself into a bidet life. This way, you are automatically contributing into saving the environment by not flushing down tons of papers everyday throughout your life.


There are many different types of bidets, some only offers the wash function which is enough to get to job done. However, many of them including ours also offers many additional functions to maximize your comfort such as water heating function and seat heating function! These functions will save your butt for the winter! You can enjoy a warm soothing water from our premium bidet toilets while sitting on a warm seat knowing that you are saving more money by living a better hygiene lifestyle.


At VOVO, we care about your health, hygiene, comfort, as well as your home aesthetic. Which is why we take our time to carefully design out products so that you can experience a full-on luxury inside your own home. Check out our Bidet Toilets, Bidet Toilet Seats, and our newest release Bidet Attachment today!