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Smart Bidet Seat VB-6000SE / VB-6100SR(Round)

VOVO STYLEMENT Electronic Smart Toilet Bidet Seat,UV LED Sterilization, Heated Seat, Warm Dry and Water, One-piece Bidet Toilet Seat, White

Warranty : 1year

Free shipping to US (Except Hawaii and Alaska)

Price : $299.00

Smart Bidet Seat VB-6000SE / VB-6100SR(Round)

Rated 4.86/5 based on 37 customer reviews


Heated Seat

Heated seat with a 24h power saving mode and 3 adjustable
temperature settings that can be turned on and off via the wireless remote.

Safe UV LED Sterilization

The built-in UV sterilizer automatically cleanses the bowl.
UV-A radiation is known as a disinfectant and brings no harm
to the human body.

Soft Close

Seat and seat cover with soft close function

Warm Dry & Water

Water heating system warms up the water and
built-in air dryer provides 3 different adjustable

3 In 1
Full Stainless
Steel Nozzle

Semi-permanent full stainless nozzle performing
3 functions with 5 different levels of water pressure.


Save water, Save trees

Power Save

To operate the power saving mode, press the
stop button next to the main body without seating.

Mesh Filter

A mesh filter screen removes debris particles.
No additional filter needed.