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Smart Bidet Seat VB-3000SE / VB-3100SR (Round)

VOVO STYLEMENT Electronic Smart Toilet Bidet Seat, Heated Seat, Warm Dry and Water, LED Nightlight, One Piece Bidet Toilet Seat- White

Warranty : 2years

Free shipping to US (Except Hawaii and Alaska)

Price : $299.00



Smart Bidet Seat VB-3000SE / VB-3100SR (Round)

Rated 4.74/5 based on 31 customer reviews


Heated Seat

Heated seat with a 24h power saving mode and 3 adjustable
temperature settings that can be turned on and off via the wireless remote.

LED Night Light

The LED night light subtly illuminates the inner bowl for convenient usage during the nighttime.

3 In 1
Full Stainless
Steel Nozzle

Semi-permanent full stainless nozzle performing
3 functions with 5 different levels of water pressure.

Warm Dry & Water

Water heating system warms up the water and
built-in air dryer provides 5 different adjustable


Save trees, Save water.

Power Save

Save power when the bidet is not in use

No Slam Soft Close

Seat and seat cover will close without a slam.

Embossed Logo Design

Simple Sleek Design

Mesh Filter

A mesh filter screen removes debris particles.
No additional filter needed.

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