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Ever thought of how you can improve your home along with your quality of life while saving money long term? Look no further, VOVO STYLEMENT Bidet Toilets might just be the right answer for you! You might be wondering; how can a bidet improves your life quality and helps you save money at the same time? Let us show you how much more efficient your life can be by simply converting yourself into a bidet lifestyle.


At VOVO, we care about your health, hygiene, comfort, as well as your home aesthetic. Which is why we take our time to carefully design out products so that you can experience a full-on luxury inside your own home. We consider many aspects in order to create a smart bidet toilet that is for everyone. With ergonomically wide seat design not only to maximize your comfort but also a much more suitable options for elderly as well as people with special needs.


Our bidet toilets offer the best functions you could possibly find in any high-end luxury toilets for a fraction of a cost. Our Premium Automatic Open / Close Lid detects the user and automatically opens and closes the lid. The Automatic Flush function detects how long you have been sitting on the seat in order to operate full flush or small flush offering a complete hand-free experience while maintaining the water efficiency (1.12 GPF / For 35 PSI).


Our tankless bidet toilet connects directly to your water supply, so no water needs to be left in the toilet tank offering the cleanest water for you. Asides from the better hygiene, it also gives a much more powerful flush with tornado wash that cleans the inner bowl without using any stale water with direct water supply. With tankless bidet toilet, it reduces the wait time for you to operate the flush function as it does not need to wait for the water to fill up the tank like a regular toilet, so you can flush your toilet repeatedly with no wait time!


One of the most unique functions that we offer is UV LED Sterilization function that not only works as a nightlight but also sterilize the bowl to maintain your toilet hygiene. The UV-A light that we provide is safe for human body and can be left on for as long as needed. These are only some of the amazing functions that we offer! Check out and learn more about our Bidet Toilets and build your dream bathroom today!