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What is Turbo Wash?

     What makes VOVO STYLEMENT more superior than other bidet brands? Asides from heated seat, warm water, auto deodorization, LED night light, warm air dryer, auto self-cleaning nozzle, automatic flush, and auto open/close lid. Our bidet function offers more than just posterior and feminine wash. Introducing our Turbo Wash technology, this is the third bidet function that helps with constipation relief by spaying out a narrow stream of water that will enter the rectum and makes it more comfortable and easier to release the waste.


turbo wash

   There are many benefits of using VOVO STYLEMENT Turbo Wash function including preventing colon diseases that may cause as little as a short-term discomfort to unpleasant complications such as hemorrhoids.


    Our bidet toilets and bidet seats are the best investment you can make, not only you can eliminate the spending on toilet paper, but we also care about you and your long-term health improvement. With our Turbo Wash Technology, you will no longer need to worry about constipation going number two!