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VOVO Corporation at CES 2021

VOVO, had participated in the CES 2021 exhibition which was held from 2021.01.11 to 2021.01.14. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, this year’s exhibition had changed to an online venue.


For those who are not familiar with the event, CES is one of the largest appliance exhibitions in the world where all the renowned companies showcase their product range annually. It is to provide opportunities to its participants all around the world to showcase its product lines to many potential consumers. The exhibition was hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association.


This is the 3rd year for VOVO, participating in the CES exhibition since 2019. The items that were chosen to participate include air purifiers, smart integrated toilets, and electronic bidet seats.


“VOVO” proudly presents the smart integrated toilet with high-end quality and sophisticated design with a wide range of functions including automatic open and close, automatic flush, and more. VOVO products are equipped with innovative functions that will provide satisfaction with their thoughtful services to their customers.


Despite the pandemic, VOVO was able to showcase its innovative products to reach a wider range of customers online while following necessary protocols for social distancing.