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How Much Toilet Paper Can We Save By Using A Bidet?

Toilet paper alone wipes out approximately 270,000 trees per day worldwide. Which means that people regularly flush down 270,000 trees every single day. That is the equivalent of 98,550,000 trees being flushed down the toilet after a few second of use every year.


The United States has the highest usage rate of toilet paper when compared to the rest of the world. An average American uses approximately a few feet of toilet paper everyday throughout their whole life. This does not only waste an unimaginably amount of toilet paper every single year but could very well be breaking the bank at the same time.


As mentioned in our previous article, an average American spend about $183 each year which is approximately $11,198 on toilet paper over the course of their life while contributing into destroying the environment (JK but not really). Looking at how other countries such as France, Spain, Korea, Japan, China, India, Morocco, and many more that primarily use water to clean up after themselves. This hands down is the most sanitary and gentle way of cleaning your butt. Using toilet paper everyday can be problematic as it could lead to some health conditions such as infections or hemorrhoids from aggressive rubbing.


Luckily, there is an alternative when it comes to avoid using toilet paper every single day thanks to a not so new technology called “Bidet” where you can wash yourself clean without having to feel guilty for flushing down another tree after wipes. VOVO STYLEMENT bidet toilet and bidet toilet seats not only eliminate 90% of the daily toilet paper usage but they also come with many amazing functions that you never knew you needed. Check out our bidet seat and smart integrated toilet collection, save the environment, and never spend a single dime on toilet paper rolls again!